Raster with good spatial resolution to kml and then put it in google

03-15-2012 12:13 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have an aerial photo with a really good spatial resolution. I'm trying to select a specific place in this photo, then this photo convert to KML so I can use it in Google. The segment that I cut is in a small scale and then convert this segment to kml, but when I zoom this segment in Google it has not the same quality, the resolution is bad. Is it possible that when I cut a segment in a small scale, when I zoom this segment in a larger scale the quality of the Photo persist? Or I have to do a cache of this segment and make a service in ArcGIS Server?
Hope anyone can help me


[ATTACH=CONFIG]12737[/ATTACH] cut the segment and convert this to KML

[ATTACH=CONFIG]12738[/ATTACH] zoom to the area

[ATTACH=CONFIG]12739[/ATTACH] 1:500,
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