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04-19-2013 10:38 AM
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Hi All,

I have approximate 625, 1 band, 1m x 1m cell, 32 bit, floating point TIFFs covering a total of 1,500m x 1,500m each.  I've been trying to mosaic all of the approximately 625 TIFFs together to create a single Digital Terrain Model (DTM) surface for purposes of modeling off of.  Not performing this operation every day, I ID'd the Raster Dataset as what I want to use in order to use it as a surface to model off (for most applications) in the future, which I still believe is true?

I'm using the processing flow ID'd in the Title.  So I :
1) created a Raster Dataset using the "Create Raster Dataset" tool and specified an output location of a file geodatabase (fGDB) which was created initially.
2) Indicated a cellsize of 1 (referring to the 1m x 1m cell size of the source TIFF DTM tiles)
3) Number of Bands: 1 (again referring to the source tiles)
4) Attempted both Unselected and selected "Build Pyramids" leaving defaults when selected

and created a Raster Dataset...

I then attempted to mosaic the tiles using the "Mosaic" tool indicated in the Title and:
1) input the rasters as files, selecting all of them
2) indicated the target raster as shown creation of above
3) used FIRST, BLEND & MAXIMUM as the "Mosaic Operator"
4) Ignore Background Value left blank
5) NoData Value: used a value of -3.40282306074e+038 (abnormally large value?) that was needed for those tiles with "ocean" cells from the original data set

That's all that I've experimented thus far.  I'm getting a Raster Dataset that seems to be checking with the values within the source TIFFs.  The Raster Dataset is a fGDBR formatted raster.  However, there is this one issue that lines the intersections of the tiles throughout the area.  Below is a result of what I'm getting out of this process.  Simply put, there are swaths of 1m vertically x 24m horizontally cells which are resulting in no data along the border of the tiles.  In the image below, the yellow and red colors which have 50% transparency here represent the individual tiles which are being mosaicked to create the fGDBR Raster Dataset which is below.  The patches are the 1m vert. x 24m horiz. swaths along the (green here) borders of the tiles.

Anyone know what I may be doing wrong/what I should give a go/provide me with some direction?  I feel like I'm close, but spinning wheels at this point.

Thanks kindly,

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