Mosiac dataset footprints won't draw for discontinuous data

03-30-2011 04:06 PM
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I am working with bathymetry data in a mosaic dataset. Footprints generate fine for the most part when I have a continuous swath of survey data, but when I have data with a fair number of holes or separate chunks I can't draw a footprint, or the footprint draws with all sorts of weirdness.

The attached image shows footprints (green) and several of the problem rasters (grayscale and selected (blue) footprints).

In the bottom left, there is high ground in the middle of a channel, and on the sides, so there are 1-2m resolution bathy data. When I try to generate footprints, it grabs a chunk of the high ground and a few small pieces of the edge, and excludes everything else. In the other footprints (rectangles) I can't get a footprint to draw around anything other than the whole data extent. I have tried a kajillion different footprint generating parameters to no avail.

I am trying to generate footprints so I can generate accurate locations/polygons for seamline generation.

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