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07-13-2016 11:57 AM
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I'm looking for a way to find all errors in a table with hyperlinks, such as wrong paths or missing photos, without having to click on each individual point to make sure the hyperlink functions.

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I have a PowerShell script you can use:

#csv path; input must be in this schema: ID,URL,NOTES - format your input this way, or adjust script

$path = "C:\Users\YOU\Desktop\YOUR_CSV.csv" #in csv (you create)

$outPath = "C:\Users\YOU\Desktop\YOUR_OUT_CSV.csv" #out csv (don't create this... let script create for you)

$csv = Import-Csv -path $path

$OutArray = @()

function processURL($inURL){

    # Create request

    $HTTP_Request = [System.Net.WebRequest]::Create($inURL)

    # Get response

    $HTTP_Response = $HTTP_Request.GetResponse()

    # Get response integer code

    $HTTP_Status = [int]$HTTP_Response.StatusCode

    If ($HTTP_Status -eq 200) {

        $ret_val = "OK!"


    Else {

        $ret_val = "CHECK ME!"


    # Clean-up and return


    return $ret_val


function request($ID, $URL, $NOTES){

    $localResponse = processURL $URL

    export $ID $URL $NOTES $localResponse


function export($eID, $eURL, $eNotes, $eResponse){

    $myobj = "" | Select "ID","URL","NOTES", "RESPONSE"

    $myobj.ID = $eID

    $myobj.URL = $eURL

    $myobj.NOTES = $NOTES

    $myobj.RESPONSE = $eResponse

    $OutArray += $myobj

    $myobj = $null

    #PS4 version:

    $OutArray | export-csv $outPath -Append

    #PS2 version:

    #$OutArray | ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation | select -Skip 1 | Out-File -Append $outPath


foreach($line in $csv)


    $properties = $line | Get-Member -MemberType Properties

    for($i=0; $i -lt $properties.Count;$i++)


        $column = $properties[$i]

        $columnvalue = $line | Select -ExpandProperty $column.Name

        switch ($column.Name)


                "ID" {$ID = $columnvalue}

                "URL" {$URL = $columnvalue}

                "NOTES" {$NOTES = $columnvalue}



    if (-Not [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($ID) -and -Not [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($URL)) { request $ID $URL $NOTES }


So, in my test, I used a csv like this:


1,http://www.google.com, this is google

2,http://www.esri.com, this is esri

3,http://www.microsoft.com, this is microsoft

...and I got an output like this:

#TYPE Selected.System.String


"1","http://www.google.com","this is google","OK!"

"2","http://www.esri.com","this is esri","OK!"

"3","http://www.microsoft.com","this is microsoft","OK!"

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If these aren't limited to web hyperlinks, let me know and I'll update the script!

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Thanks! They are just links to a folder containing photos. I'm looking for mistakes in the path, or paths that point to a photo that didn't get copied into the folder. Can I run the script without ArcGIS Pro?

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I wasn't exactly sure of your environment/set-up, so I just wrote a PowerShell script, which can be executed outside of ArcGIS. It should be installed by default on Windows 7+. The script I wrote uses PowerShell 4, but the only change for PowerShell 2 should be the commented out line exporting to CSV, I believe.

You would basically need to export your table as a CSV, open notepad, paste the script and make any needed enviro changes, save as a .ps1, then run the script (here's an example of how to do that - windows - How to run a PowerShell script? - Stack Overflow).

Wes has a Python script you can just run in ArcMap that does exactly what you want, that is, check if the path on disk doesn't exist. I would need to adjust the PowerShell script to check for paths since I thought you were looking for web hyperlinks.

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The script below will produce an oid list of paths that don't exist.

import arcpy

fc = r"your\feature\class"

fld = "yourPathField"

desc = arcpy.Describe(fc)

oidName = desc.oidFieldName

oidlist = []

flds = [oidName,fld]

with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fc,flds) as rows:

    for row in rows:

        if arcpy.Exists(row[1]):




print oidlist