How to define default band order in a mosaic dataset ??

01-25-2011 11:51 PM
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I have a set of 24 WorldView 2 images with 4 bands. If I display them directly in ArcMap the images are displayed as true color with band 3,2,1 and it is exactly what I want.

But if a create a mosaic dataset based on these 24 images, the mosaic is displayed by default with band 1,2,3 and the result is blue (see attached file). I know I can change this in ArcMap but I want to publish this mosaic as an Image Service (ArcGIS Server 10) and I can't find the way to re-order the bands.

Is there a way to define band order when we create a mosaic dataset or when we publish an Image Service ???

If yes could you please describe step by step ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards.

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Hi Olivier,

There is no default setting that you can set for mosaic datasets specifically, but you can add an extract band function to do what you're looking for. In this case, you would put the function on top of the mosaic dataset (not the individual records) to order the bands in the desired way for serving. Right-click on the mosaic dataset, go to the functions tab, and edit the function chain manually.
I hope this helps.

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