Geocoding unmatched addresses with different locator

01-31-2011 04:03 AM
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I geocoded 200k+ customer addresses and created two feature classes from the results.  One feature class contains only the addresses that coded to the street level, and the other contains addresses that coded to city/state or zip centroid (or no match).  I want to run this second feature class through another locator and have it look at a different field for street address, but cannot figure out how to do it.  I tried exporting the feature class as a shapefile, but can't select it when I try to use the geocoding tools.
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Just a guess; you'll need to get rid of the attributes that the geocoding process creates and adds to the features.
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I find you have to export the unmatched addresses as a table, not a featureclass which has null shapes for the unmatched addresses. Open the table of the featureclass, make a selection STATUS = 'U' , hide the generated fields and export. (9.3, haven't tried 10.0)

I wish we could just switch locators and rematch the filtered set, with a tag for which geocoder that matched the address instead of just an "A", it would be much tidier. You would think that you could change the "active" locator in the geocoding toolbar and that would then be used. I know that composite locators are designed to do this, but I need to pause and consider the errors, maybe do a global fix before running another locator.
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