Error Message: The coordinates or measures are out of bounds.

10-05-2011 11:35 PM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: cakmakayc

Hi, I have a problem about creating new feature. I've created features with my label before but when i tried to create a new feature now it says:

"The create feature task could not completed. the coordinates or measures are out of bounds."

Do you know anything about this error? How can I fix this?

Thanks, have a nice day.

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Hi Ayçin,

Please see this Esri KnowledgeBase Article:

KB #30634 - Error: "Out of bounds" error returned when importing data or editing a geodatabase featu...

Hope this helps,
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I’m encountering with the same issue in ArcPro 2.4.2. Why should this issue persist to exist?

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Hi Jamal,

If you reviewed the technical article I referenced in my previous post, the cause of this error is: "The extent of the geodatabase feature dataset or feature class is not large enough to contain the data being imported, or to store the extent of the features being added to the feature class in the editing session."

> Why should this issue persist to exist?

It would be helpful if you provided some context and details on your workflow. For example,

- How were these feature dataset and feature class(es) created? From scratch? or were the data loaded/imported from a different data source? If the latter, did you alter the spatial reference or simply load it as is?

- Is this new data and the error showed up immediately? or has this dataset been working for awhile and this error just started to appear?

- Perhaps re-trace your workflow(s) and ensure that you've defined a large enough spatial extent for the feature dataset?

- Is this a geometric network or the new utility network? I can't tell.

Also, I noticed you posted in this thread,(again) �??The coordinates or measures are out of bounds�?� 

I've referenced it here, to avoid duplication of efforts.

Hope this helps,

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Manty thanks Derek for the efforts.


I found out that the error is emerged from having a dataset with unknow coordinate system. defining a coordinate system for it resolves the issue