Error:80042021 during building overview for mosaic dataset

12-18-2012 12:48 PM
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Hi, friends,

I am loading millions of aerial-photos into mosaic dataset. These aerial-photos are not seamless tiles, and the overlaps happen everywhere.

Because the data is too huge, we create one mosaic dataset for very 5000 files. Most of the mosaic dataset can have the overviews created successfully. But for some of the mosaic dataset, Build Overview failed, and many error messages id-ed as 80042021 appear in the log file.

The message body says: Could not generate overview item.[Ov_i02_L01_R0000F5E9_C00006168.tif].

This error messages many times and the only difference is the overview file names.

I also meet some other error message when building overview for mosaic dataset. To make thread simply and clear, I am going to start a new thread for another problem/error I met during building overview. Please check it out and help.

I have attached a screenshot of the building-overview logs.[ATTACH=CONFIG]20055[/ATTACH]


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