Data Interoperability Connection OK Greyed Out

05-15-2012 03:07 PM
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I am trying to convert some mapinfo files in the .tab type format. When I open the data interoperability connection, I can load the .tab file and the 'pink' bar correctly identifies this as a MapInfo file. I am happy that everything is OK but the OK button is greyed out, so I can't actually do anything. Can anyone help?
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Hi TT,

You are in the "Interoperability Connection" dialogue box, correct?  Did you select the format as well as a .tab file for the dataset?  Once these are both filled in the OK button should be enabled.

Kind regards,
Mita Hajirakar
Safe Software, Inc.
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Just had the same thing happen. You don't specify a name for the dataset under 'Dataset' - only the folder where it should be placed. Then the 'OK' button is available and the .tab-file get's the same name as the input dataset.
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