Creating seamless mosaic with aerial photography tiles

10-11-2012 07:20 PM
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I have some aerial photography captured using a film camera, not digital.
As a result the image tiles I have all have a black border around them with various details on the photography.

What I would like to do is remove these black borders so that I can seamlessly mosaic the overlapping tiles together.

Does anyone know how this might be possible?  The 'nodata' areas have already been made transparent, and do not include the black borders.

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What you can do will depend on the Version/license level of ArcGIS for Desktop you are using ...

Are you using a Mosaic Dataset for this task?
Did you probably store the data as lossy JPEGs and now the "no-Data" to "Data" borders have started "bleeding"?

If you use a Mosaic dataset you could either extend the no-Data definition to include some of the "bleeding" OR you could use the "Build Footprints" Tool and just shrink your image footprints (seems they have a lot of overlap - so this shouldnt hurt) ...

So please check out these options first ...

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