Create Replica failed. Line string or poly boundary is self-intersecting

01-24-2013 09:15 PM
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Hi there,

Has anyone come across this error when trying to create a replica in ArcSDE

"Create Replica Failed.  Linestring or poly boundary is self-intersecting"


I thought it was related to "inconsistent spatial extents" but after fixing this it didn't solve the error message


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How was this data loaded in your ArcSDE geodatabase? ArcSDE normally runs a thorough check during loading of data using ArcGIS tools, preventing self-intersecting geometries in your database, but if this was an already existing spatial database without ArcSDE geodatabase repository that you "enabled" as a geodatabase, there may be invalid geometries / shapes in the database.

Anyway, running the Check Geometry and Repair Geometry tools is likely to fix these issues.
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