Converting CAD polylines and points by CAD Layer

03-23-2011 06:28 AM
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I've converted a CAD file and now I need to break down the points and polylines to shapefiles by the Layer attribute. Is there a way I can import the CAD layer by it's layer attribute?

Am I making sense? I'm not sure how to explain it. See the attachment.

In the attachement you can see my CAD file; each CAD file, as we know, has attributes and I want to import the CAD polyline and point layers by the layer attribute to shapefiles. My result would be a seperate shapefile for 0, CKY-4KV EAST ELECT, CKT1-4KV HWY 45-MILL ELECT, etc, etc.

I'm tired of doing these one at a time using Select By Attribute after I convert the CAD to shapefiles. I want to break them down further using a srcipt or tool. There's got to be a solution out there.

I'm still on 9.3 due to clients, I prefer help to be for 9.3 but I do have access to 10
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