Cannot EDIT ArcSDE layer as Owner where topology is applied

04-08-2011 07:10 AM
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I upgraded a 9.2 ArcSDE SQL Server 2000 database to ArcSDE 10 and SQL Server 2008 64bit. Following the upgrade I am unable to edit any of the Feature classes that involve topology as the data owner. I can edit the layers as an edit user without any issue. When I attempt to delete a feature I get the following error;
The features could not be deleted.
OnDelete message to object returned failure [parcel.L.ConstructionLine].

I have check privledges for the owner and schema.
I have added new Feature classes outside of the topology rule and it allows me to edit.
I have edited existing feature classes outside of topology, but still in the feature dataset.
I have assigned SQL Server db_datawriter role to the data owner.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

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