Calculating spatial overlap percentage between polylines of a shapefile

01-19-2013 01:05 PM
by Anonymous User
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Dear All,

I have a shape file consisting of N polylines, and some of these lines spatially overlap. What I need to do is to determine the percentage of spatial overlap between these N poylines. The output should look like an M = N*N matrix, and each matrix element corresponds to the percentage of spatial overlap between the corresponding polylines. The percentage of spatial overlap is calculated as: length of overlapping polyline / total length of the polyline.

For example, in the attached example there are two polylines, A and B, which spatially overlap as shown in red circle. Suppose that the length of A is 3x and B is 4x, and the length of overlapping poyline is x. Then, matrix element M(A,B) = x / 3x = 0.3, and M(B,A) = x / 4x = 0.25. Since A and B do not spatially overlap with other polylines remaining values of row A and B should be all zero. 

So far I checked GME and intersection tool within ArcGIS, but could not figure out the solution (i.e. GME does not have such a function, and with intersection I cannot keep the percentage overlap information). Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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