Arc SDE: unable to create network dataset & delete fetuares ( sde or sa login)

11-21-2011 03:59 AM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: jagadeesh88

Hello Esri Friends

This is regarding Arc SDE Enterprise related question.

we have insatlled arcsde version 10---one server with sqlserver
we have other desktop installed another system inclduing arc catalog

when i was insatlled arcsde server i have selected sde.schema option only.

data is stored in seperate server-SOC we have maintained seperate.

when iam trying to connect spatial database connection through arcsde server with SOC, its asking database authentication. then some times i tested the sde login and some times i tested the "sa" login ( which was created sqlserver authentication)

if i connect sa login its shows all the fetuares like knd.DBO.Basemap
if i connect sde login its shows all the features like knd.sde.basemap

when iam trying to create network dataset we are unable to create both sa and sdel logins. see the above attached snap shots for the reference

when i am trying to delete the features we are unable to delete the features. see the same snapshots. ( its asking lock by other users)

can you please clarify what is the problem here.. why iam unable to delete any features in arc catalog......?
why iam unable to create the network dataset.. can you please clarify these things. this is very urgency for me.......please help and give me cleare clarification without attaching any links.

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by Anonymous User
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Original User: JSkinn3

This error messages indicate that another user is accessing the feature dataset on the machines specified.  Check these machines and see if there are any SDE connections open or ArcGIS Server services running that are accessing data within the feature datasets.  If there are SDE connections, disconnect them, and/or if there are any ArcGIS Server services running, stop them.
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