Multiple Selection option should be available to while designing geodatabase with Dropdown option

11-09-2020 06:56 AM
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Dear Developer Team,

We have single choice is available now in the geodatabase. Do we consider multiple selection options ? Currently multiple selection option is available for Survey123. I would like to publish feature service with multiple selection option. For example, I want to understand the health behavior of people in detail manner in geospatial perspective. In the database is it is the selection of fruits( but in the survey what kinds of fruits do you eat). The same person may eat apple, orange and banana or all of them in the same day which cannot capture in current design in efficient design technique. Therefore this request is important to have consistence integration from database to Survey123 to capture real world data in a realistic manner. 

Let me know if you want more clarification. 

With Best Regards,


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From the description, this sounds like the same request as Create a new Hosted Feature Service Domain Type: c... - GeoNet, The Esri Community .


Tika Adhikari‌ could you read through that idea and let us know if that is what you are asking for?


Thank you!


I want multiselect option in the database. For example, example under the fruit attributes, I would like to include all fruits I eat every day. Same as in your example, money/payment is the attribute, I would like to pay with credit card and debit card with for 100 bill. 


It is not and it is entirely different and it is not hosted feature service.


Thank you for the response.  So from a coded value domain, you would like to be able to select multiple, correct?

And you're not working with a hosted feature service.  You're working in a geodatabase, correct?


Yes, it is not for hosted feature service to be clarify in a much better way. 


The issue is enterprise or file geodatabase if I have to separate the domain of the problem. But it has other applications value