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06-16-2020 09:36 PM
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Hello all, 

I am looking for advice on how I can use 'distinct' properly to list unique values only from a specific field (road name). 

Same names of roads exist more than one in my feature layer as each road has been split into multiple segments to perform flood analysis section by section. Each segment may have different flood impact, and it shows the impact in various coloured symbols. 

I wanted to create a list of roads that have affected by flood - no need to show the impact amount or which segment, but just name. I applied 'distinct' on the road names, but it does not seem to list unique values and I assume that they have a unique geometry (not sure though). Is it possible to pull out only unique values based on 'name' by using 'distinct' or other functions?

I tried to check feature set but it does not look available in the current beta version.

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Noora Golabi‌, could you provide any insights on this topic?



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Hi Kerry, 

The ability to show only distinct values in a list is currently not supported. This is something the team is considering for the future.
In addition, feature sets are not supported in Arcade expressions within the list and indicator.
Hope this helps!
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