Stand-Alone tables within the WebMap as a data source

04-15-2020 12:06 PM
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From Laura Stroupe on the ArcGIS Blog:

"Greetings! I created a new Dashboard in Beta, however it doesn’t recognize Stand-Alone tables within the WebMap as a data source in the Dashboard. I can’t see or select it as an option for creating an Indicator, Graph, etc. However, with our older version of Operations Dashboard in Portal this is not an issue. Any ideas? Thank you!"

Introducing the Upcoming ArcGIS Dashboards Beta 

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Hi Laura, 

Stand-alone table as a data source is not yet supported in ArcGIS Dashboards beta. It's listed in Known Limitations. It's on the team's road map to provide such support. 

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A workaround to this is to add fake lat/long columns and filling it with fake data in the csv before uploading it to ArcGIS Online. You should then be able to upload it as a Hosted Feature Layer since it now has fake spatial data. This Hosted Feature Layer can be used a data source in Dashboards Beta.

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