Different Serial Charts Querying Experience Between Final and Beta Dashboards

05-18-2020 11:25 AM
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ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

Hi! I'm experiencing different behaviors when using final and beta releases of Dashboards. When configuring a Serial Chart element to pull in data from a web map's feature layer, it sets the total number of records as the 'resultRecordCount' query parameter in the request's headers (attached), and the Serial Chart renders data without any issues (attached). 

However, if I setup the same Serial Chart element in beta, using the same data, it returns 'No Data' (attached). I think the issue is the 'resultRecordCount' query parameter is set to 10, so it's sending many requests and not getting the data in time. If this is true, I would say that this isn't ideal for an end-user experience. If I'm missing something, please let me know, too. 

Many thanks! 

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Hello Suzie Chambers

I believe this is an issue specific to date based serial charts. We will be putting in some fixes related to this into the beta soon. I will make a note to post here again when we have installed the fixes and we can try this again. In the meantime, I suggest using the production Dashboard for this use case until we have made more changes in the Beta.