Dashboards Beta Map widget shows popups for filtered features

07-29-2020 01:03 PM
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In Dashboards Beta, if you have a map with point data with multiple points at the same location, but use Category Selector to filter to only show one at a time, it successfully filters the map to only show the selected features. However, if you click on the selected feature it still shows the popup for all features, not just the filtered ones.  To test, try making a webmap with a time-enabled layer like this one: 


Then use that webmap in a Beta Dashboard. Set up a Category Selector based on either the ValidDate field or LocalTimeString and set the Action to filter the map based on its selection. Test the Selector – it should successfully filter the points, but if you click on one it will say “1 of 24”. If it were working correctly it would only show the active feature.

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Hey Bryan Chastain

Thank you so much for reporting this! I have logged an issue internally.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon!



Production Dashboard

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Appears to still be an issue as of Nov 5, 2020. 

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Any word on the progress of solving this issue?

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Hello. No fix in the term term for this issue. It's actually an issue deeper down in the platform that affects other products as well.

I will add a note to our tracking issue to update this post when a fix gets in! Thank you for your patience.

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Still looks like an issue as of March 30, 2021. Definitely would be great to have it fixed soon!