Can I return the current date?

07-01-2020 09:45 AM
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Hi Xander Bakker John Solly Scott Kiley,

I have two sets of info for the same info from our dept of health. One is accurate but lags behind. The field isn't showing but it's lagging behind like "LDH 2 day moving avg", it's called "LDH Cumulative cases". Can I show the current date of "LDH Cumulative Cases" (6/17/2020)? I am unsure how to write the arcade expression to show the current date for the fields that are lagging behind in data or if this is possible within any of the widgets that allow arcade expressions.

Below my table, I have a snapshot of a part of my dashboard. This is for the info that isn't lagging behind but not that accurate. Ideally, I'd like the date to go in the bar above but as far as I know rich text is not able to have dynamic info. So either I put the date in the indicator widget next to Cumulative, Active, & Deaths or get rid of the rich text and use the list or indicator widget to show text and the date. 

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Hello Gerald Sneary‌. It sounds like this is a data structure issue that might resolve itself if you split your data into multiple tables or make other schema changes.

One suggestion is to look into a feature-based Indicator instead of one based on a summary statistic.

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