CrowdSource Reporter: How to use USERID and NUMVOTES?

11-02-2017 01:12 AM
New Contributor

I'm new to Crowdsource reporter and I want to use USERID and NUMVOTES. I did work with the CrowdSource Reporter documentation, but I can't get the answers to my questions there. 

I created a table including USERID and NUMVOTES but in use the participant is able to edit the USERID and NUMVOTES. (See the attached image: you can see that the participant is able to write a number for likes, which I assume that's not the way it should be 😉 )

So here are my questions:

- How to prepare the data/fields in ArcMap?

- Is the userID only saved if the participants of the survey are logged in or does guests get a random userid?

- Will the userID be saved if someone "likes" or "comments" on already left opinions?

I hope it's ok with follow-up questions a little bit later.

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