The Coronavirus Response Solution: Update and Resources

04-14-2020 01:31 PM
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The Coronavirus Response Solution: Update and Resources

A new version of the Coronavirus Response solution was released on April 7th. This update includes new apps to inform the public about community meal site locations, new desktop and mobile coronavirus case dashboards, a new mobile dashboard to understand community impacts, and many other enhancements. Below are a few resources to help you understand and implement the Coronavirus Response solution.


ArcGIS Blog posts


  • The CoronavirusCaseSources CSV table (included with the Coronavirus Response solution) can be used to populate large amounts of COVID-19 data and append the data into the solution. See the above Getting to Know the Coronavirus Response Solution Dashboards blog post for more information. 
  • A new Solution Design document is also included to help organizations understand which maps and apps support specific users and workflows. Use the document to understand dependencies like how feature layers, views, and maps are used in the applications included in the Coronavirus Response solution.

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Mike Dagle‌  If my org has deployed this solution. what is the best way to update to the new version without losing data. 

Hi Rickey Fite,

In the Solution Deployment Tool go to Deploy an ArcGIS Solution --> Options menu (the hamburger menu to the right of the Search box), uncheck Use Existing Items In The Organization. 

This will ensure you get a fresh copy of the maps, apps, and feature layers. You can then explore the updated configurations and copy your existing data over to the new feature layers as needed. 

I hope that helps,


Will this overwrite the existing data? Do we have to rename the existing data layers first?

Hi Jennifer,

Deploying the update will not overwrite your existing data and as long as you deploy to a new folder, you do not need to rename any existing items. 

You could also try out the new online deployment tool described, here: Deploy solution - Coronavirus Response | ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government 

Released late last week and currently for the Coronavirus related solutions, the online deployment will automatically place the new and updated items into a new folder for you. 


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