Reopen with Confidence, OCM Analytics Dashboard of Hospital Risk

07-17-2020 09:58 AM
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We have teamed up to build a free OCM Analytics Dashboard to assist government leaders better understand the risks of hospital overload and to enable them to reopen with confidence.
Indications included; 14 days advance notice of hospital risk, the projected month the hospital risk will subside, effectiveness of mitigation, and accumulated infections. This is provided at the county, state, and national level. With additional new case data at the zip code level or for overseas areas, the OCM Analytics could be expanded. A survey to gather further input from medical experts is included to ensure medical variables stay current if the virus evolves.
Our vision is one of a standard measurement method assisting in unifying our response to Covid-19.
We are interested in collaborating, raising awareness of the analytics, and expanding the area coverage.
Looking forward to your thoughts. Hub Site is at
Description: OCM forecasts the risk to hospital overload and when the risks will subside from future waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA by state and county. The interactive dashboard powered by Esri, uses actual and six infection rate scenarios, to help leaders open with confidence and to explain the importance of public participation in mitigation policies. 

Pandemic Area Risk, Hub Site:
We are a team of Esri partners, GeoMarvel, SymGeo, and Armor At Hand.
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