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04-23-2020 08:09 AM
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I am wanting to use the Coronavirus Business Continuity | ArcGIS Solutions 

Right now this is how we keep track of who is in the office and when. The rest of the employees are at home. 

We want a supervisor to keep track of when people come and go and not the individuals.   

Is there a way to replicate the image below with a little modification to the solution? 

It would be nice to have a few people that are always in the office to show up. That way there is not a lot of clicking. 

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Apologies for the delayed response. The Coronavirus Business Continuity Solution does include a Team Survey that captures the information you're looking for, aggregated by a supervisor. It is outlined in the Solutions page (Coronavirus Business Continuity | ArcGIS Solutions ) and highlighted in this video: Discuss the New Coronavirus Business Continuity Solution - YouTube 

Once this data is collected it can be visualized in a number of ways. By default, it gets plugged into a very nice looking dashboard. But if you have a need to have it converted into a formatted Excel document, you can use ArcGIS Notebooks (now in ArcGIS Online) and the Python API to create that document from the data, however you would like to format it: ArcGIS API for Python | ArcGIS for Developers 

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