Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, on the future of GIS

10-05-2017 12:59 AM
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"CAD lives in a world of one-centimeter grids. GIS lives, at best, in a world of one-meter grids. So you have this really interesting change in accuracy where the construction world's incredibly accurate but not scalable. The GIS world is very scalable, but not incredibly accurate."

Read the interview here: DM Exclusive: Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, on the future of GIS 

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Could you hear me screaming? I follow a surveyor's forum, mostly US people, and there's definitely people who have problems with "GIS". Admittedly, the GIS department in question is often using scanned tax maps to show parcel boundaries...

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Hmm, his closing comment is telling: "... The database created from the massive influx of information will need to have a common coordinate system; and time, the fourth dimension, must be an integral part of the database. "

A worldwide coordinate system, sounds like he'd like to hold things in a GCS. Doing mm precision for reprojection--no problem--loading real world data at that precision, hmm.  Could have alignment issues   

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Melita - I heard your scream from up here!   Intersection between CAD and GIS will continue to mature regardless of how things were done in the past.  The author missed the GNSS(RTK) solution that has been sitting between AEC and GIS for years, allowing us to actually live on GRID and GROUND in the field.  Geodesy inside ESRI is our friend here, not our enemy.