Known Issues and Future Enhancements

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Known Issues and Future Enhancements

We are monitoring issues that may have occurred as a result of the platform update 

If you are experiencing issues please let us know in Community Feedback . Once we are able to replicate the reported issue, we will update the community through this live document. Please subscribe to this document to be notified as soon as there are updates.

To date, the following issues have been identified: 


Known Issue



 11/12/20 ArcGIS Ideas - GeoNet, The Esri Community Latest Activity Feed A-Z sort behavior unexpected and refresh takes user to top of page Reported
11/12/20 General styling issues - desktop and mobile Minor styling issues of components on mobile and desktop views

Fixes ongoing

11/12/20 Navigation - megamenu Tab switching after clicking an item from All Communities tab


11/12/20 Ideas Exchange boards - Filter by Idea Status

After selecting a status there is no clear/view all option

Workaround: Refresh the page to load all Ideas with no status filter applied

11/12/20 Special character issues Various issues with & and special characters appearing in feeds on Profile Page. 

Fixed - monitoring


Wrong user attribute

When viewing another users posts on Recent Posts Page Latest Contributions is displaying current logged in user



View counts on board tiles

Some board tiles displaying 0 for topic counts although board has content



Unexpected error message 'Request Entity too Large' 

When replying to threads an unexpected error is seen.



Threaded View Hides Replies
(default Post view changed from Linear to Threaded)

When changing to Threaded layout, no replies show.
*New version of reply component added that uses inline replies. 

Fixed - monitoring
Both threaded and linear views display replies  


Replies to threads - text editor behavior

When replying to a post the text editor displays one line and does not offer the expanded view. 

Fixed - validating
The same text editor is now available in both New Posts and Replies to existing Posts. Expanded using 3 dots on right of text editor.


Insert Code - lost formatting

Insert code loses expected format between editing and publishing.

Fixed - monitoring 


Migrated Code - lost formatting

Migrated content pre Nov 12 not displaying content correctly in all content types

Fixed - validating


HTML error message

Blog owners of migrated content reporting issues with Rich text editing and HTML error message preventing publishing or warning of formatting removal. 

Under investigation


Badge count on profile page is off

Badge count on profile page does not match total badges earned on view all badge page

Fix in progress



Some redirects are not working as expected. This affects mostly archived content and JX pages that existed below a space or group e.g. /overview

Fixed - monitoring


View All Badges page - avatar menu behavior

When viewing all badges earned from a Profile page the dropdown menu has lost it's stacked format. 

Under investigation


Intermittent Attachment Virus Scan Not Completing

Some members are seeing attached files on posts not completing the virus scan. 

Fixed - monitoring


Private Message - Attachments

Issues viewing and downloading attachments in Private messages in their original file format. 

Fix in progress


The following enhancements have been requested:

Estimated timeline Enhancement Description Status
Dec 2020 Latest activity feeds - sort by Adding the ability to sort by unanswered posts in all activity feeds Planned
Dec 2020 Search results - filter options Move the options to filter search results by unanswered posts from advanced search to a filter button alongside other Search results filter options Planned
Dec 2020 Hero banner height Reduce the height of the hero banner on all place and board pages to promote content higher up the page Planned
Q1 2021 Label Chooser experience Improve the UI for searching, reviewing label descriptions and choosing labels to add to posted content Under discussion
TBC Code snippets - line numbers Including line numbers automatically with posted code snippets Requested
TBC Code options - insert code Adding Arcade as an option in list of languages Under discussion
TBC Other board tile navigation On boards having the Other Boards in this Place widget be defaulted to collapse on page load.  Under investigation
TBC Reply to cursor placement Suggestion to default to Reply body instead of Subject field Requested
TBC Latest Activity sort by Add Sort by Most Recent Activity (e.g. comments/replies)
Anchor link the Load more to where clicked rather than scroll to bottom on load
Add Sort by Unresolved Posts (e.g. has a comment but not marked with an accepted solution)
TBC Mark as Read - manual  Will you add a manual "Mark posts as read" option? Requested
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Here I am... soo much to learnHere I am... soo much to learn

photo upload working Leslie 😉

Hi @LeslieFountain ,


I noticed that the link "Community Feedback" at the top of this document is still pointing to the staging environment. 😕






Thanks @XanderBakker I updated the link. 

First off let me admin that I'm an old timer having working with ESRI products for over 30 years.  When it comes to forums or communities I like to browse what people are posting about to try and see what's going out outside of my interests.  This is when I'm not looking for help.  I wasn't a fan of GeoNet and I'm not seeing the new system as an improvement. 

Maybe it's because I always come to GeoNet on a computer and not a mobile device.  I like to see more titles at a time and scroll less, both of which have increased with the new system.  For me the most important items are Type (Post/Idea), Title, Community, and date.  For me the Avatars are visual static that disturb quickly taking in the information plug there add to the amount of space that each listing takes up.

Below I have a screen shot illustrating how it looks and how it could be streamlined and highlighting the most important information!  It's just an idea.  But it would me nice if there were a streamlined interface alternative available.  Thanks and I hope you don't mind the suggestion.

Current ViewCurrent ViewMockup Reduced ClutterMockup Reduced Clutter

I'm not sure the entirety of the discussion for "Label Chooser experience:  Improve the UI for searching, reviewing label descriptions and choosing labels to add to posted content".  But an initial reaction in our organization was that it would be nice to at least have an option to limit label choices to those recognized within our organization's place and not forum-wide.

Hi @LeslieFountain and @lbranscomb ,

Do you know if there are any issues with private messaging?

I received a private message with an attachment (a ZIP with data to test with) and when I hover over the download button it seems to link to a ZIP file:


However, when I click on the button it downloads an html file (and not the ZIP with data):


Also trying to reply to this message resulted in an error:


Any ideas?

@XanderBakker Yes there is a known issue with attachments on private messages where it's not downloading the file type in the right file type and is defaulting to .html. We raised this as a high priority support ticket and I had yet to add it above so will do this right now. 

Thanks @lbranscomb !

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