Please move the "Insert code sample" button

06-02-2021 12:35 AM
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In a lot of posts asking for help with code (Python, Javascript, .Net, Arcade, I'm sure I'm forgetting some languages), users post the code they have problems with as screen shots or as plain text. Screen shots are hard to copy and plain text is really ugly for code.

The comment box has an option for inserting code samples, but it is hidden behind the "Expand Toolbar" button, so a lot of users don't know about it. As there are a lot of places people post code samples, I propose moving the button onto the "main" toolbar.


Please move this button


to this location


Alternatively, just expand the toolbar by default.

Have a great day!
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Thanks for the suggestion to make this easier to locate. We will discuss with our development support team and see what we can do as well as reviewing other ways we can alert users to this feature. 

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If you do it, I will update....

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