New GeoNet postings hard to visually scan - Avatars distracting.

12-01-2020 04:07 PM
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First off let me admin that I'm an old timer having working with ESRI products for over 30 years.  When it comes to forums or communities I like to browse what people are posting about to try and see what's going out outside of my interests.  This is when I'm not looking for help.  I wasn't a fan of GeoNet and I'm not seeing the new system as an improvement. 

Maybe it's because I always come to GeoNet on a computer and not a mobile device.  I like to see more titles at a time and scroll less, both of which have increased with the new system.  For me the most important items are Type (Post/Idea), Title, Community, and date.  For me the Avatars are visual static that disturb quickly taking in the information plug there add to the amount of space that each listing takes up.

Below I have a screen shot illustrating how it looks and how it could be streamlined and highlighting the most important information!  It's just an idea.  But it would me nice if there were a streamlined interface alternative available.  Thanks and I hope you don't mind the suggestion.Mockup.png

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Hi Randy,

Thank you for your honest feedback, we appreciate it and understand that people view threads differently and for different purposes.

There are plans for future enhancements to the platform to allow for more personalization, I don't have many details on that yet, but will share as we learn more in 2021. 

In the meantime there are some alternative views of content that might be more streamlined for your uses.

This doc, Useful URLs to access Content Specific views  explains how to get to these different views.

I also linked a couple here as well to help you get started: 

All posts:

Unread Posts:

Hope that helps in the short term. 

Cheers, Michelle

Community Manager, Esri Community Team.
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