Clicking Load more scrolls to the bottom of the new list vs staying put

12-01-2020 08:13 AM
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When scrolling though the list of posts at the bottom you get the Load more button.  When you click it loads a set of new posts.  All normal.  But it scrolls to the bottom of that new list.  That means I then have to scroll back up and try and figure out where the last break was at.  It should show more but keep the focus on the end of the last list like most boards do.



After it goes to the bottom of the added posts


I also keep having new posts get labeled as Announcements with no way to change it.  I always have to try New Post in all kinds of sections to get the drop down to appear.



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It would even be nicer if you could click through pages eg.   1, 2, 3, ... and have your number of threads specified per page (eg. 10, 20, ...).  

The current "more" is a real pain for sure

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Hi @DougBrowning  Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate this behavior is not ideal. In fact this issue is already noted on our Known Issues and Future Enhancements  (2nd to last row under enhancements).  


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I just noticed the change and see it as welcome relief from the original.

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