Cannot figure out several things about Pro or this website

2 weeks ago
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by Anonymous User
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I have been on the ESRI website for an hour trying to search for a Pro geocoding questions to see if I can find an answer to a problem I am having.  First, I could not use my existing account & had to make a 2nd account for myself and I don't know why. Second, I could not access geonet to post my question about rematching addresses in Pro.

I would love some help/info on what I am doing wrong.  Thanks a bunch!!

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Community Manager

Hi Catherine,  I am sorry you are experiencing issues with the new community site. If you are still having login / account issues you can wither Pm (private message) me or send an email to our team email address:  

Once logged in you should be able to post a question in the ArcGIS Pro Questions . 




Community Manager, Esri Community Team.
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