Hello, my name is Monia

06-09-2020 02:13 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I'm Monia and I work with cities, heritage, and disaster risk.

I am a building engineer and architect by training and currently a doctoral researcher in urban planning and DRR, with a focus on urban public open spaces.

ArcGIS is one of the key tools I use to perform spatialanalysis, although I haven't used its full potential (yet!)

My areas of expertise are architecture and spatial planning, and I am interested in the urban dimension of disaster risk - particularly, in how cities are shaped, planned and used, and how this affects their response to hazards.

I want to share the coordinates of Takeda Castle in Japan - one of the most beautiful landscape spots I've ever visited, where natural and built heritage meet, and disaster risk mitigation meets heritage preservation. Hope you enjoy it!  35.3006° N, 134.8292° E 

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