GeoNet Member Survey: Take 5 Minutes to Share Your Feedback

05-27-2020 02:59 PM
Community Team
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We would like to learn about your experience with GeoNet, The Esri Community. Later this year, we plan on updating our platform with a new community experience and design, and your feedback in this survey can help us understand how we can improve the community for users like you.


Please take 5 minutes to provide your feedback in this survey.


Deadline for survey submissions: Friday, June 26, 2020


To learn more about our community platform update, please follow the GeoNet Lounge to see our announcement and receive ongoing updates.


Thank you!

-The GeoNet Team 

by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

~~Something seems to be wonky in the survey for me... I can't seem to check an option for the question about how long I've been a member, and it keeps saying it is required while not letting me pick one.~~

Also, is it a trick question? Didn't GeoNet just start in 2014, and the forum site was called something else (and its date not represented by the profile "member since" date)?

**Updated: Nevermind on the wonky part, it just isn't showing the radio button as selected but is using a selection color on the box instead. But I still think it is a weird question given the date GeoNet started....**

Community Team

Hi Kylie, hmm, I can't see an issue on my end - can you try refreshing or using another browser? 

The Esri Community of users has been around since Esri's early software releases (ArcInfo/ArcView) but has gone through a few names and platform changes. We're lucky to have members that have been here for more than a decade! 

The 2014 timestamp on most member profiles is as a result of the platform change in the community, and may not reflect their actual start of membership within The Esri Community. 

Adding to original response: It also depends on how people see themselves. We just want to understand their history of membership and participation with The Esri Community, regardless of the name/platform changes. 

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