2022 Esri Staff Engagement Appreciation

01-18-2023 10:23 AM
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Cheers to the folks with a winsome green "esri" badge beside their username! 

Like many forum communities, Esri Community operates with the intent that customers lead the charge in asking and answering each-other's questions. Numbers confirm that plays out. Despite the bulk of that daily back-and-forth belonging to customers, though, Esri's own staff play an irreplaceable role in maintaining this platform's productivity, supportive environment, and success. 

A full 40% of all posts marked as Accepted Solutions in 2022 belong to Esri team members. We're talking about a modest group of 4,273 out of a total membership that grew to 321,000 by end of last year, or just 1.3% of all accounts!

And the true value this incredible posse of people bring to the table can't be measured by numbers alone. It's what they readily demonstrate through their very public contributions: core company values, commitment to quality, and an earnest desire to know and help ArcGIS users. We repeatedly hear from customers how much it matters to them that Esri staff participate in the conversations taking place in Esri Community. One customer voiced the trust and confidence it gives them this way:

"The nice part about the Esri Community is, like if I'm talking to a Solutions Engineer, and it says, it's got his name and Esri right next to it that's fantastic because now you know you're getting the response from the people that are actually doing the work."

Join us in recognizing the 30 Esri team members who stood out above all for the degree of their contributions in 2022, and in thanking all staff who added to the knowledge being exchanged.


Top 10 Esri Rockstar Contributors:


This narrow group of Esri team members provided immense value in Esri Community through their frequent interactions and pieces of content. The combination of their published posts, the number of times others rewarded their work with Accepted Solutions or Kudos, and other factors (like Blog posts written or Ideas commented in) make up the criteria used to assemble this outstanding list.

  • @Robert_LeClair - 523 Total Replies, 68 Accepted Solutions, and 196 Kudos Received
  • @RussRoberts - 378 Total Replies, 65 Accepted Solutions, and 123 Kudos Received
  • @OwenGeo - 361 Total Replies, 117 Accepted Solutions, and 180 Kudos Received
  • @ZacharySutherby - 291 Total Replies, 90 Accepted Solutions, and 131 Kudos Received
  • @TonghuiMing - 237 Total Replies, 43 Accepted Solutions, and 55 Kudos Received
  • @George_Thompson - 215 Total Replies, 35 Accepted Solutions, and 119 Kudos Received
  • @Anonymous User - 211 Total Replies, 90 Accepted Solutions, and 122 Kudos Received
  • @IsmaelChivite - 199 Total Replies, 75 Accepted Solutions, and 524 Kudos Received
  • @UndralBatsukh - 176 Total Replies, 47 Accepted Solutions, and 88 Kudos Received
  • @CraigGillgrass - 165 Total Replies, 23 Accepted Solutions, and 47 Kudos Received


Other Standout Esri Contributors:


The number of staff making a significant mark in Esri Community hardly ends with the top 10 above. These 20 team members follow close behind, making a collective that more-than-deserves public acknowledgement for the time, work, and support they gave last year.


Reviewing each contribution to grade its substance is sadly beyond the scope of the Esri Community team's reach. There are no doubt people who belong among those on the lists above due to the outsized usefulness of a Blog article they authored or an illuminating solution they brought to the table. Our gratitude extends to all.

To every Esri team member participating here, whether in big ways or small ones, thank you. It makes a worthwhile difference for the entirety of Esri's extended community and for the world of GIS.

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