2015 Esri Staff Contributors in GeoNet

01-21-2016 08:50 AM
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The 2015 contest is over and the winners have been recognized, but it just wouldn't be right if we didn't take the time to call out the Esri staff and distributors who contribute so much to the community. They contribute a wealth of information to the community, and they do their best to make sure your questions get answered. This list is only a portion of the many that you may see in the community; however, we are thankful for all of our staff as they help make GeoNet a better place.

2015 Top Esri Contributors

Xander Bakker

Jake Skinner

Jayanta Poddar

Freddie Gibson

Kelly Hutchins

Asrujit SenGupta

Vince Angelo

Lucas Danzinger

Russell Roberts

Melita Kennedy

Joseph Kerski

Gregory L'Azou

Derek Law

Gabriel Upchurch

David DiBiase

Chris Wilkins

George Thompson

Owen Evans

Miaogeng Zhang

Rupert Essinger

Thanks agains for your continued contribution to the GeoNet community!

Find more information on the 2015 contest winners please see: Congratulations to our 2015 GeoNet Contest Winners

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Great job all, thank you for your effort and making GeoNet a great community resource.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

It is great that so many of you contribute your time and expertise and keep us "others" on track with your suggestions, corrections and links.  Thanks

MVP Frequent Contributor

Thanks for your contributions!  I know several of you have mentioned that it is not part of your regular job at ESRI to contribute, but you do so anyways.  We appreciate the skills and expertise you provide.


Chris Donohue, GISP

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Timothy Hales , thanks for sharing! However, I miss a very important person in that list and that is YOU!

Occasional Contributor

I agree!

Esri Notable Contributor

Thanks for the mention! I figured I get enough recognition in all the "GeoNet is broken" posts that I didn't need to put my name on the list. I'd rather stay behind the scenes and make sure I provide a successful community for you all.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Modest as always... but we all know that your role is not limited to "simply" resolving bugs (which you do very well by the way). You do a lot more and have loads of GIS related contributions, so you deserve to be up there!

MVP Honored Contributor

Congratulations to all the staff that contribute! This type of Esri involvement makes GeoNet an even more useful resource.

Now why doesn't Xander Bakker​ rate a Esri icon next to his name?

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Because I'm undercover...

No seriously, I started to collaborate on GeoNet long before I joined Esri Colombia and I continued to use my own account when I joined them. That's basically it. But I'm not the only one. Just hover over the names and you will see that Jayanta Poddar​ is doing this too.

MVP Frequent Contributor

How about a ESRI Staff Contributor MVP (or something similar) badge for the ESRI staff? 

(And the badges for Xander Bakker and Jayanta Poddar would be wearing a mask) 

Chris Donohue, GISP

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Chris Donohue, GISP , something like this?

MVP Frequent Contributor

That works!

Chris Donohue, GISP

MVP Notable Contributor

That's pretty awesome! Make it happen!

MVP Regular Contributor

Great to see ESRI staff being honored as well!

Thanks for all your help!

Occasional Contributor

Thank you to ESRI and ESRI staff for creating such a powerful software and community forum! The above list contains some of the most dedicated GIS professionals in the industry and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from them!


New Contributor III

Congratulations to you all

New Contributor III

Jake Skinner's been a huge help to us, here at Lehigh County

MVP Honored Contributor

Great Job!

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