Newborough Warren Aerial survey

02-14-2015 06:18 AM
New Contributor

An animation of the area where we carried out an aerial survey using a UAV, of Newborough Warren.

We conducted an aerial survey at Newborough Warren, Anglesey in conjunction with SEACAMS who were carrying out their own survey, Laser scanning and ground penetrating radar. Ultimately the survey is being carried out for NRW.

The idea behind our survey is to compare our results with that of SEACAMS, not for the purpose of 'whats best' but to highlight the differences, each have pro's and cons, and depending on whats needed, each is as good as the other.

Ground control points were recorded for geo locating and correcting any deviation in the geometry, we used our GPRS rover system for this capturing about 30 points in total.

The process created an elevation model, a high resolution orthomosaic and a 3d model as well as a report on accuracies and pixel errors.

I think this short animation/visualisation demonstrates that to capture a large area, using UAVs to survey proves to be an economical and cost effective method as against traditional based LiDAR. One of the major benefits is the speed with which it can be carried out, and repeated at lower costs than high altitude aircraft.

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