Upload Custom BDS data from BA desktop system to BA server

10-22-2011 05:17 AM
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Hi all,

      I have two machines: Machine A with ArcGIS and BA desktop installed. Other is Machine B with ArcGIS Server and BA server installed. All Version 10.0 with service pack 1.

      In Machine A - ArcMap, I have created Custom BDS data (named Custom_esri_bg.bds with certain fields from standard esri_bg.bds) through 'Custom Data SetUp' wizard in Business Analyst toolbar and stored in C:\My Output Data\CustomBDSLayers.

    I want to upload this bds data from Machine A to Machine B which has BA server. To achieve this, In Machine A, I tried in ArcCatalog, Buiness Analyst Repository --> Default Project (right click) --> Upload Project --> selected the created custom bds layer --> Connected the BA server workspace (success) --> upload. It is saying operation successfull. But I could not find the uploaded BDS data in BusinessServer/Data/UserData folder in Machine B.

    I have ArcGIS & BA Desktop and Server in another machine C. I am successful in uploading the data in this machine C and able to see the uploaded data in UserData folder.

    I could not see the uploaded data in User Data folder (which means upload was not successfull) if desktop and server are in different systems by following the above steps. Could any one please suggest me a solution for this. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Alagappan,

Unfortunately, to resolve your issue, we will need more information. Please contact Esri Technical Support to open an incident. This will be the easiest way for us to find and fix the problem.


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Thank you Chris for your kind reply !!!!

We found that since SECURITY (token) is enabled in our BA server, it gives problem while uploading custom bds data from desktop to server. Otherwise everything is fine. We are working on that issue and we will raise the esri incident once we are done with our initial analysis. Thanks again.

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