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Replacement for BusinessMap

01-17-2011 05:54 AM
Occasional Contributor II
About a year ago ESRI canned BusinessMap. I have not been able to find a suitable replacement. ESRI calimed that they faced competition from online mapping and that Business Analyist Online BAO was the fix, but it doesn't do the same things as BusinessMap.

I have my BA in Geography/GIS and I am really familiar with ArcGIS Desktop, which is really robust, but it is not tailored to Small Business users, not to mention it cost over four times more than BusinessMap.

I work for a small business and I need a direct replacement for BusinessMap. I found a tread about replacing BusinessMap with MapPoint at, but MapPoint doesn' t do what BusinessMap did either.

Google Maps and Bing Maps are great too, but they don't work offline.

I want a single solution with the following features:
- ability to have Regions and Sub-Regions
- ability to turn on and off at least 50 layers
- ability to draw layers from X, Y data or plot North American Street Addresses
- return Lats and Longs for previously plotted addresses, and export them in.csv format
- ability to do routing without being connected to the internet
- polygonal demographics to at least the 5 digit zipcode, but census block would be nice
- polygon boundaries to the census block, including sub-administrative boundaries for Mexico and Canada, (I.E FSAs in Canada)
- basic world map with first order administrative boundaries (like Canadian Provinces), commercial airports and major cities.

If anyone has any advice about a multi-layered Software approach, please let me know.
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Here is a really good article that explains the reasons that ESRI terminated BusinessMap.

. . . in case anyone was interested. ..
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The guy who developed BusinessMap is now on his own and he is making a new web based service at

Anyone hear of this service?
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Here is a great article that compares BusinessMap with similar/alternative software products.
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