New user needs help with choosing right ArcGIS Product.

10-15-2017 08:17 AM
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I am working on a collegiate level project. I would like find an ArcGIS product where I could map out my memberships (3k members) for a company named Deep Blue Sail.  I have three membership plans, (Prime, Plus, Standard) where I collected revenue from 2012-present in a static excel file.
1. I would like to click in a particular state and have it display my revenue and expenses for 2017.  I already have a static excel spreadsheet for this, however all my locational data is in lat/log.
2. Then if I clicked on a state not only would show my the state details of revenue/expenses, but then I could drill down to the county level and see my revenue and expense by different levels of color gradients.  Again all of my locational data is in lat/long, so I'm sure I'll have to convert them to county FIPS codes.  If there's a conversion program in ArcGIS, please provide a link.
3. Lastly,  I would like to see a line graph next to the map and I want my data to simultaneously display results and have them linked.  In other words,  when I press on a state level such as California it would give me info as described in the first two paragraphs, and it would also include my yearly sales since 2009 to present on a line graph next to the map.  I need to understand the historical context of my California revenues and expenses.
The end result would look like this, but I would like to do this in ArcGIS.  Power BI Custom Visuals - Drilldown Choropleth - YouTube 
Which product can do this? Some of them ... all of them? ArcGIS online?  ArcGIS Business Analyst, ArcGIS Insights, ArcGIS Power BI?
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can you put together what you want from the software or are you looking for a specifically built application?

I will venture that no software available is going to do that out of the box without some effort on someone's part.