Change DefaultWKID:4326 for BA Server [BAServerConfig.xml]

05-05-2011 08:51 PM
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Our BaseMap wkid is 102100.   The default spatialreference of the BA Server is 4236.  As of 2.0.1 BA Server Flex api there is no way of specifying the OutSpatialReference.

In the BAServerConfig.xml i see a property

<property name="DefaultWKID" value="4326" />

Can i change this to 102100 so i don't have to use the WebMercatorUtil to convert from 4326 to 102100?  This will avoid unnecessary conversion on the client side when the geometry returned is a state and there are a lot of points to convert.
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Have you had any answer for your question? We have to change the default spatial reference in BA Server too.

Thanks in advance.
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Since version 2.1 (currently we are version 2.2) of the BA Flex API, a new parameter has been added in BA Server called outputSpatialReference based on BA Server 10 SP2. You can specify this in any of your BA Server task requests that return features.

Hope this helps! 🙂
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Does BA Silverlight API have the parameter of OutputSpatialReference same as BA Flex API?
If it have, what is version?
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