Census Data Incorporation Schedule?

03-23-2011 09:13 AM
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I was wondering if there is a timeline available on when data is going to start getting updated to include 2010 census data?  Specifically for BAO.
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There will be a short gap between the release of the data by the Census Bureau and its integration into Esri Business Analyst products due to the time needed to process, load, and test the data in the products.

Proximately, it is likely that the PL 94�?�171 redistricting data will be released in Business Analyst Online around May 2011. This will include total population, population aged 18 years and older, population by race/Hispanic origin, and total housing units (both occupied and vacant).

And then the remainder of the Census 2010 data on Business Analyst Online will be released two months after the last state's data is released by the Census Bureau, which is expected to be in August 2011. This data release will include population by age and sex, household type, tenure, group quarters, families, and average household size.
Please check out the resources page for more information:
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