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09-09-2015 09:13 AM
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So I've got a machine with Business Analyst installed, including the 2014 dataset (using ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1).  When I am logged in, I can access and use everything just fine (I'm the one that installed it).  When someone else logs in to this computer, they can't access the data.  The extension works, but the data that it uses is tied to my user folders on the hard drive somehow, so other users can't access it. 

Is this normal?  Is the license such that only one user on the machine can use the data?  Or is there a setting somewhere I need to change?  Both the extension and the data package are installed on the C: drive outside of the separate user folders and should be accessible by any user on the computer. 

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Hi Blake,

Business Analyst is a very permission centric application and it seems as if during the installation you have installed the 2014 data update for the current user only due to which this issue is coming up. In order to fix this you need to navigate to C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst folder. Right click on the folder > properties > Security tab > under groups or user names, click on edit and add the users whom you want to grant access and set their permission as full control > Apply > Ok > Close. You need to perform this operation only if you are the administrator and logged as one.

Once done, you may ask the other users to logon to the same machine and try accessing the data. This should fix the issue for the other users.

I hope this helps!