BAO API Geographic Restrictions

07-11-2011 09:20 AM
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I am attempting to create a report through the REST API for BAO.  I have a project that is set up already that returns reports successfully as long as it's within a certain geographic area.  If I go outside this area I receive a 'GEOFENCE' warning that my subscription does not allow this geographic input.

I can, however, run reports outside this geographic area if I do it simply using a web browser hitting the REST endpoint.

Does anyone have suggestions/input as to what is going on with the 'GEOFENCE' error I am receiving when attempting to run these reports through my application?

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Hi and thank you for your question and patience.  We will actually need more information about your request.

If you are using the SDKs (Flex or Silverlight), you are actually calling the Online API REST services "under the hood" and the geofence (if your account is configured with it), will be enforced whether your consuming the API through the SDKs or REST services.

Please feel free to contact the Online API SDK Support by following the instructions below.  This will ensure that your support request is routed to the right personnel to assist you.

Thank you for your question.


Business Analyst Online API Telephone Support Request

To ensure that your support request reaches the right team of analysts, please follow these instructions when

submitting a telephone-based support request for the Business Analyst Online API:

(1). Call 1-888-377-4575
(2). Press 2 for software technical support
(3). Press 1 for a new support request
(4). Enter and confirm your Esri Customer Number followed by the �??#�?? sign
(5). Enter and confirm the last four digits of your telephone number followed by the �??#�?? sign
(6). Enter and confirm your four digit telephone extension followed by the �??#�?? sign
(7). Press 5 for �??All other issues�?�
(8). Press 2 for �??Business Products including Business Analyst, On-line or Business Analyst Server�?�
(9). Press 2 for �??Business Analyst On-line�?�
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