Append Data (Spatial Overlay): How does it aggregate averages by default?

11-16-2014 02:40 PM
New Contributor

I'm using the Append Data (Spatial Overlay) tool in the Business Analyst Toolbar to summarize some basic demographic data within a highway buffer I created. I understand that the tool, where possible, uses block points to split up values within a block group to improve accuracy of the appended data. This should work wonderfully for raw count data (such as population), but I'm curious how the tool handles averages.


Using the Analysis wizard in the BA toolbar, I was able to append data for Median Household Income to my buffer, but I wasn't given the option to define the summary method. Does the tool automatically assume I want an average of all the Median Household Income values that fall within my buffer, or does it simply default to the first Median Household Income value that falls within my buffer?

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