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03-12-2015 03:39 AM
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I'd like to make a map similar to the Story Map examples: #UCSelfie Twitter Map, #NationOfMakers Twitter Map, etc. How can I add a live twitter feed or map tweets using a search term in a story map or ArcGIS Online web map? Now I'm embedding the ArcGIS Online Twitter Chrome Web app template in my story map as a web page, but it's not an ideal solution.

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Hi Kate!

Unfortunately, there's no non-developer solution for automatically piping a Twitter feed into your story map (or web map).  We have published a number of #UCSelfie type apps over the last year or so, but the configuration is still pretty gritty -- you have to download and host not only the client web files, but also a Node.js app.  If you're still undaunted, the client files are available here, and the node.js files can be found in this repo.

Far more encouraging news is that we're rolling this twitter listening capability into our crowdsource solution​.  It is also still in laboratory form, but we're working to make this available as a configurable solution to our users.


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Kate - thanks for asking this question!

Lee - what is the status of the crowdsource solution?  I have a Fine Arts faculty member at my university who is very excited about being able to create a web map or app that allows user input of photos or video.  This may be her solution.


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You can download a free App called Snap2Map that allows you to take pictures/videos and create a StoryMap of your adventure. It is free!

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Thanks for your interest in the Story Map Crowdsource app.

We are planning to release a downloadable form of the new Story Map Crowdsource app in November 2015, which will continue to be updated periodically after that with additional features as they are finished. Then, in March 2016 we plan to deploy a hosted version on ArcGIS Online.

It's still undecided if/how the Twitter hashtag feature will be included. As Lee mentioned above there is a server-side component that handles this in our current custom deployments, so the team still needs to work out how to best implement this.


Owen Evans
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