Storymap series - tabbed layout, issue with linked map extents.

10-20-2015 04:13 PM
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When using more than 5 tabs on the "Storymap Series - Tabbed Layout" map application template I'm experiencing an issue with the linked map extents.  I have 8 tabs with maps.  The maps were all created as "save-as" copies from an original map with the same original extent.  Each time I open the storymap app the first 5 tabs open with seamless extent hand-offs.  When I open tabs 6, 7, or 8 (reading left to right) the maps open at a different extent and then do a rapid shift/rubber-banding to match the extent of tabs 1-5.  Once this initial adjustment is complete they are all in sync seamlessly with tabs 1-5 for the remainder of the session.  If I close and then re-open the app the adjustment happens again.  I have changed the order of the tabs so see if the issue was tied to a particular map but it still occurs with whatever maps are on tabs 6, 7 or 8.

I've inserted a link to the app in question.

Any insight into why this is occurring, or if others have experienced similar issues is appreciated.


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Can you share that app publicly so we can have a look?

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This is the expected behavior, we plan to optimize that in the future.

From now the first 5 maps of your story are preloaded when you open the app but the others aren't.

So when you switch to one of those map, if the map isn't loaded the application will load it and then will have to adjust it's extent depending on the configuration of the tab (is the description/legend present, size of the panel). When the map are preloaded that same behavior happen, it's just that you don't see it. You can reproduce it if you navigate quickly to the 5 tab right after the application is loaded.

Note that if all your map have the exact same extent, that option should let you overcome that behavior but you may have to manually adjust all your map extent so that the description panel does not hide part of the area you care about.

Note that I haven't been able to test your story as it seems that some of the maps are not shared publicly. You can use My Stories | Story Maps to make sure all is shared properly.

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