StoryMap "Explore" Prob with Multiple Narratives over a map

09-09-2019 01:06 PM
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I'm working on a StoryMap ( for Asheville, NC and on the page titled 'Harmony with the Natural Environment' (pg 10) the user is not able to "explore" the map. There's some bug that disallows the user to engage with the map when there are two immersive maps (two narratives); it works in edit mode, however. 

My workaround on page 12 'Interwoven Equity' places all the text on one narrative (left side), which is not as visually pleasing but it makes it so that the "Explore" button works. 

Any suggestions to fix this? 

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Hey Vaidila, have you tried just entering it as a map instead of a web app?  I see that it works in other areas, but it might help for that one on p.10 since you're trying to switch the panels from one side to the other over the same map.  Something about it being a web app might be complicating things.  If you really wanted people to be able to interact with the content you could always put a link in the sidecar to the web app.  It looks like a great project though, all bugs aside.

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Excellent. Thanks!

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