I am creating a shortlist story map using the template.

04-30-2018 03:23 PM
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I am creating a shortlist story map using the template. My agency has this application built with the original version and I am adding a bit more functionality. The original: https://www.dnr.wa.gov/sites/default/files/rec-map/index.html has two pop ups that show all the in formation about a site. In the new version:http://wadnr.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Shortlist/index.html?appid=acece6c28d4b4f9abe4959a89c447662 I cannot show some of the fields that are shown in the original, namely the contact information and info about reservations, etc. Basically the 2 fields under the picture when you click 'details.'

The template does not seem to grab all of my fields. It only grabs short_desc, and DESC1 to DESC5. (plus name, url, etc, but I mean in formation about the site.) Is there a way, using the template, to have additional information show up in the pop out in my new application? Or do I need to try to combine more information into each description?

Thank you.


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Hi Elizabeth. 

Nice story maps! I hiked at Poo Poo Point / Tiger Mountain three weeks ago in pouring rain all day.

You are correct: if you are driving your new Shortlist directly from the data in a web map using the 'as-is' workflow where you define and manage your Shortlist by updating that data in the map instead of in the Shortlist builder, the new Shortlist doesn't read in the ADDRESS and HOURS fields. Those two fields from the original Shortlist aren't included in the schema that the new Shortlist expects to find when it displays your web map data 'as is'. (See this FAQ or the Help dialog in the Shortlist Builder for more info). 

If you are using the workflow where you do a one-time import of data from a web map into the Shortlist, so that you can then edit and manage the data in the Shortlist Builder, it lets you pull in any fields (and it will actually default to including the ADDRESS and HOURS fields in the default set of fields it suggests you include).

In the case of the as-is workflow, you'd therefore have to include that missing data in one of the fields that the schema is reading from (i.e. DESC1 - DESC5). If your Shortlist is already using all those fields for some or all of your places, one way to include the extra info is to add it on to the end of the data in the last field (e.g. DESC5) so that it is included in that field. You could concatenate your data using a field calculation or, if you are using Excel to generate CSV files, a formula. To add paragraph spacing between the text in that field value, you could include a couple of <br> HTML tags. You could also add <b> or <i> tags to add formatting. So in your data layer's table, if you can make your DESC5 value for a specific place be, for example:

Directions: Vehicle access for hang glider / paraglider pilots by permit only; road gated at Tiger Summit.<br><br>Contact: South Puget Sound Region, 360-825-1631<br><br><i>Dogs allowed on leash. Dispose of pet waste appropriately.</i> 

the Shortlist will display that as:

Hope that helps.


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Thank you! That would work just fine. Do you know if any of the attributes (DESC fields) have a character limit? If so, I’m thinking I can combine a few of the shorter ones into one field and leave the description and directions alone so they can be longer.

Thanks so much for your help.


Elizabeth Eberle

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