How to cusomize markers in storymap MapTour

06-25-2019 12:00 AM
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Hello everyone,

It's my first post here on GeoNet (so please bear with me ) and it has something to do with storymaps (MapTour to be precisely). What I understood from the following page, is that it shouldn't be quite hard :

The first thing I have done, is downloading the code of the storymap MapTour from the following link: . Afterwards I have included some new markers (of different colors) in new folders in the resources/markers folder. However whenever I host all the files (including the new markers) into github for example, I don't get the option to add, organize or import new tour points like in for example.

What I have currently been doing, is only including the appid of a storymap which I have already created in, adjusted some css style and hosted it on another server. Therefore the tour points are created in (which only has four type of markers), while I would like being able to create new tour points with more possible markers. Is that possible to do and yes, how is one able to do that?


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