Feature Layer - Not appearing in Map Tour

08-17-2017 12:42 PM
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I am trying to use the 'Map Tour' story map with a 'Feature Layer from my ArcGIS Server.

The issue I am having is that my Feature Layer is not appearing. The REST request is appending on an extent parameter that will never find features.

Extent being requested - why?


I am referencing it as Layer index 0 in my ArcGIS Online Map and all my data is projected the same.

Below is the URL to my Feature Layer

Any ideas what is happening?

Thanks in advanced,


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Hi Andrew

BTW. I'm a big fan of Simcoe County's customization of the Story Map Tour. It's one of the nicest looking customizations of the Story Map Tour I think I've seen. You guy's Interactive Trail Maps page that gives people access to your complete set of tours is just ace: http://www.simcoe.ca/InformationTechnology/Pages/TrailMaps.aspx  

I opened your feature service in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, saved the web map


and then shared it using the Story Map Tour app template and it works OK. Here's the tour: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapTour/index.html?appid=54a88b637b104167949c4b956ad8ba36 

What I think may be happening for you is that in your web map there may be a Visibility Range scale setting on your point layer, which Map Tour doesn't like. It is best to remove any Visibility Range scale settings on point layers you create to define places in Map Tour or Shortlist.

PS. To future proof your data, I recommend referencing your images from your layer attribute table using HTTPS instead of HTTP, as your server does support HTTPS:

https://maps.simcoe.ca/Trails/Trails/ClearviewTrainTrail/Photos/Point6.jpg   (although I'm not sure why Geonet won't consistently open that URL when I click on it in this post )

In this way current and future versions of web browsers are less likely to flag your content as not secure. 


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Thanks for the suggestion and comments Rupert!

Looking at the sample you provided and my web map, I think it might be related to other layers I have in my map.

I currently do not have a visible scale set on that point features.

I am going to spend some time today to dig into it and see if I can see what is causing the features not be be returned.

My Map

I appreciate hearing the comments on our current Trail Story Maps. Its always nice to get feedback from other GIS professionals! I am migrating all of the those maps to a new brand and I am going to add a little more spice into the look and feel.

I'll keep you posted!


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This issue seems to be related to our Topo Service, or any of our basemaps.

When i use the ESRI basemaps things seem to work as expected.

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